Welcome to The Wakonda Family Co-Op Inc.

Where did the 2017 fly away to?  We want a redo!!!!
New Board Member elected 
Please welcome and thank Scott Aubin for joining the Wakonda Board of Directors

Upcoming Activities

With the return of the cooler weather, the end of season plan needs to be started.   The End of season letter has been sent to all shareholders, and is included here for your reference.  Some highlights are:
    -The last day for pump outs will be October 7th, so please call the office 24 hours in advance to schedule a service.
- The store will be open weekends through September 24th.
- The store will carry antifreeze and tarps at reasonable costs.
-Garbage pickup will continue on Mondays and Fridays through October 10th. After this date, please brig your materials to the dumpsters. 
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Silent Auction to support the Anita Van Doren Scholarship Fund - Labor Day
We had an exciting and fun filled labor day weekend.  One of the many exciting events was the charity event to benefit the Anita Van Doren Scholarship Fund.  This year, through today, we have collected over $4200 dollars with some monies yet to be received.  It was a huge success and a great big thank you goes out to this years chairperson Annie Hall for all the planning and canvasing

Please see the calendar of events for more details

The North Country/Lake George Region Tourism Bureaus has posted a listing of movies, activities and events at:  http://www.lakegeorge.com/summer/top-events.cfm

2017 Chestertown Farmers Market Schedule

2017 Car Hop Schedule

The Carol Theater Schedule


Please share ideas or suggestions, with Kim,
Chrissy or any Board member. 

Remember Wakonda is OUR Co-Op.


NOTE: Be sure to check the activities board at the lounge, calendar of events and the activities description links, on this site, for other up coming events, happenings and any changes.

Camp Store Hours:

The store will be open weekends thru September 24th
Saturday 10:0 AM to 4:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM to 2:00PM

Camp Store News:

Come in and pick up you retro Wakonda apparel.  There are still cool fabrics and designs to choose from.  Get some before they are all gone.  There are also new Wakonda logo mugs and cups.

The Camp Store will again be stocking clothing, gifts, plus a full line of food, Oscars meat products, ice cream and snack items plus Bagged Ice.  In addition we provide propane tank refills for shareholders and guests along with an assortment of camping/swimming supplies.  
NOW is the time to get your ideas heard, please let the Office Staff know of any ideas you have requests or product preferences.  

Help our store help serve you better
If there is something you are interested in please let us know.

Link to the Wakonda Campground Facebook group:

(This Facebook group is not affiliated with the Wakonda Family Campground Co-Op Inc., however it is a place where people share Wakonda experiences)
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