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Welcome to The Wakonda Family Co-Op Inc.

Events to put on your calendar

This year for the Scholarship Fund we will be doing Tee Shirts sale. More details will follow on how to order them. If you would like you can donate to the Scholarship Fund at the office.

Reminder for Shareholders:
  We know that some shareholders start to close up on Labor Day Weekend. Please remember that all small boats are to be brought back to your site for winter storage. The small boats must have your site and or name on it to identify it. 

     We have some new items in the campstore. Come check them out. We also have ice, soda, ice cream, chips, and some food items

For 2020

President is Steve Strosberg
Vice President Ralph Wilson Thunderbird
Margaret LaFar D9
Rich Daken  Cree
Bud Dickson A22

Michelle Aubin is Treasurer

Chrissy Martin Corp. Secretary 
Kimberly Frazier Manager

Emails for Board Members
Steve Strosberg
Ralph Wilson     
Margaret Valis LaFar
Rich Daken       
Bud Dickson     

Office emails
Kim Frazier      
Chrissy Martin  

Coming to Brant Lake on Fridays   TBA

********************************************    Up Coming Activities 

     Looking forward. If you have any ideas for our shareholders please let Chrissy know. 

Playground is now opened
        Beaches are now opened
Playground is now opened
        Bath houses open with restrictions amenities 

Due to Covid 19 things are cancelled around the area. Please check their website for the latest information 

NOTE: Be sure to check the activities board at the lounge, calendar of events and the activities description links, on this site, for other up coming events, happenings and any changes.

Camp Store Hours:

The store will be opening soon with restrictions.

When staff is in the office.

Hours TBA

Monday - Thursday  closed

Friday                      10:00 to 7:00
Saturday                        10:00 to 7:00
Sunday                    10:00 to 4:30

Camp Store News:

Come in and pick up you retro Wakonda apparel.  There are still cool fabrics and designs to choose from.  Get some before they are all gone.  There are also new Wakonda logo mugs and cups.

The Camp Store will again be stocking clothing, gifts, plus a full line of food, Oscars meat products, ice cream and snack items plus Bagged Ice.  In addition we provide propane tank refills for shareholders and guests along with an assortment of camping/swimming supplies.  
NOW is the time to get your ideas heard, please let the Office Staff know of any ideas you have requests or product preferences.  

Help our store help serve you better
If there is something you are interested in please let us know.

The North Country/Lake George Region Tourism Bureaus has posted a listing of movies, activities and events at:

Link to the Wakonda Campground Facebook group:

(This Facebook group is not affiliated with the Wakonda Family Campground Co-Op Inc., however it is a place where people share Wakonda experiences)
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