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Anita Van Doren Silent Auction 

Graduated Award Amount Recipient

2017 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College    $1,000.00 Rogers, Samantha

        Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Crim Justice $1,000.00 Moffitt, Tyler

        Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College $1,000.00 Feldeisen, Lane

2016 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College $1,000.00 Bruce, William (Orry)

       Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Crim Justice $1,000.00 DeThomas, Justize

        Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College $1,000.00 DeFranco, Chris

2015 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College $500.00 May, Colby

        Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Crim Justice $500.00 Simpson, Matthew

2014 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College $500.00 Williamson, Janae

        Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Crim Justice  $500.00 Parker, Justice

2013 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College $500.00 Vaisey, Robert

        Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Crim Justice $500.00 Phillips, Gregory

2012 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Crim Justice $450.00 Jensen, Tyler
  Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College $450.00 Seeley, Kristian

2011 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Crim Justice $500.00 Hanaburgh, Tim

Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment-Athletics/College  $500.00 Bennett, Annie

2010 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $500.00 Smith, Craig

       Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $500.00 Fahey, Laura

2009 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $500.00 Remington, John

        Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment  $500.00 Frasier, Justin

2008 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Brealt, Albert

2007 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Crossman, John

2006 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 McAvey, Patrick
2005 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Donahue, Bobby Joe

2004 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Frasier, Jenny

2003 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Lambert, K

2002 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Amanda Frazier

2001 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Carl Barlow
2000 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $400.00 William Trudsoe

1999 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $120.00 Amy Hillerd

1998 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Mark Kulkinski

1997 Wakonda-Vandoren Memorial Endowment $250.00 Jennifer Magee



Cafe Adirondack Main Street Cafe EZ Marina
Panther Mountain Inn Black Bear         Palmer Bros. Marina
Pottersville Mini-Mart Flanagan's Pub & Grill Off The Top Hair Salon
Sticks & Stones Loon Lake Marina Tops Market
Price Chopper       Crossroads Stephenson Lumber
Adirondack Moonshine Gateway Wine & Liquor The Algonquin
Log Jam Restaurant Seagle Music Colony Bert's RV Care
Pine Tree Motel Alpinhaus Baskets by Sue Lee
O.P. Frederick's S&S RV Repair Jacob & Toney's
Natural Stone Bridge & Caves The Place Restaurant Saratoga & North Creek Railway
Lil' Nony's Bakery Fly Fishing Lessons by Doug Lake George Shoreline Cruises
Caldwell House Adirondack Experience Museum Alpine Pizza
The Sagamore Timberwolf Pub Riverside Pines
The Fern Lodge Haircut by Lindsey Meade Circle B Ranch
Martha's Ice Cream Parasailing Adventures Paradox Brewery
ADK Eagle Flyer Zip Lines Stirring Creations ADK Extreme Adventure Course
Buckman Fuel Co. Sculptures by Frank Bomber's Place
ADK Pest Control Lake George Steamboat Co. Mohan's Glen Dew Liquors
Indian Teepee Gift Shop Sweet Pea Farm Smokey Joe's
Sushi Yoshi Rustic Charm Willows Bistro
Fill-ER-Up Prospect Mountain Diner Ausable Chasm
Mike "The Wood Guy" Christie's On The Lake The Sembrich
Adirondack Bar & Grill King Neptune's Pub The Wild Center
Kingsbury/Bay Meadows Golf High Peaks Golf Course Cedar River Golf Course
Green Mansions Golf Course Stony Creek Ranch & Resort Sacandaga Golf Course
The Nature Conservancy Adirondack Life Magazine

Plus many of our Shareholders

We appreciate all the donations that helped make our Anita Van Doren Scholarship Fund a great success. 

If you would like to donate a basket for the Silent Auction please contact Annie Hall site A10 or Chrissy at the office. We are accepting baskets and donations now at the office. Thank you for your continued support.
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